The Curious Case of “Just Be Yourself-itis”

beyourselfWhat does this “Just Be Yourself?” Business Mean to You?

Is this not the case of the “Easier said’s than done’s?”

No matter how many times we say it, there is plenty of evidence that we aren’t being “it”. There is something in the deep, but we barely skim the surface. Maybe just enough to ripple “it” but rarely to create waves and rock boats. And when we do start creating a topsy turvy circumstance by being true, it is surprisingly quick to see the disavowal of this self others once said you should be.

Rippling-Water300_POTDsizedWhat and who we are is lost beneath our social reflections. Those with the greatest tenacity and the proper “work ethic”will stay in perpetual motion, treading water vigorously for years on end until they die and sink like stones; others become stone, graven images of themselves. Neither are really alive. Neither are self.

We bob about in badly patched up life boats, full of hot air (mixing metaphors, better stirred than shaken).  Keep us separate from ourselves and those we define as “the other.”For when we are divided within, inevitably, we we will feel separation all around us.

It is an intellectual concept, rather than a lived experience. Practicality rules over passion.  Most people in this society do not live for passion. They live for the weekend, dread Mondays, the oft repeated TGIF’s, and shop ’til they drop’s. And on and on it goes. There are no gadgets, pair of Jimmy Choo’s, pounds of chocolate or vacation hot spots that wouldn’t pale terribly in comparison to an experience of love in the now. No matter where you are, who you are, what you are.

And believe me, if we all laid down this business of so called “living” and really had and did only what we were called to do, our world would be a much different place than the one we inhabit. Would it not be kinder, gentler, slower? By this, I don’t mean “be better than”; I mean, just be.

I know, this just seems to be crazy talk. I understand. I don’t live this way. I am in fear, in anxiety, in tension over all of this, “Who am I, and what the hell am I doing here?”

But answers are really only more questions. It is the snake chasing its own tail

Marilyn Monroe

“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.”
Marilyn Monroe

Ralph Waldo Emerson“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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