warped imaginiation

If you have a crippling (or even mildly impairing) desire to understand and love fancy science things, but don’t have the right kind of brain training for its overwhelming complexity, then read this blog post (and check out other posts on same said blog). Do it because: a) it’s super cool AND as a result, that’s what all the cool kids are doing and you don’t want to be left out b) any kind of dweeb, including ones like myself, and maybe even you, can understand and learn stuff without feeling like giant dum dums.

What can be better than that? Weeee to knowledge in all its shapes, sizes, and smarty pantsedness levels!

Eat Logical Sentences

Did you know it is mathematically possible to effectively transport an object (or person) faster than the speed of light? It just can’t travel faster than the speed of light in the process. Make sense?

I have been trying to follow this research for a couple of years now. Most of the science is definitely beyond me. The implications are out of this world.

The thrust of it goes something like this. Einstein was, by all accounts, correct with both special and general relativity. Star Trek got around this by rather vaguely claiming warp drive induced motion by “warping” space-time. Sounds wacky but it essentially means that you don’t try to accelerate your ship, instead you twist the space around you so that space moves instead of you and your ship. And it turned out to be a good guess – about as accurate their prediction that you might use a handheld “communicator”…

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