Bamboozling and Confusaling: The Musical

Random Thought Trains

Station #1 (woo woo): Due to the repetition of Christmas merriment in the City Square Mall washroom, I am now brain looping through, “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.”

However, as I do not feel this is so, I must re-arrange the lyrics or rather supplant them.

Here is a fine example of what comes to mind when sitting on the loo:

“You have the most wonderful spine, my sweet dear! With vertebrae straight, and your posture so great, it’s very clear. You have the MOST WONDERFUL SPINE, HEAR HEAR HEAR! (or..GIVE A CHEER! or LET’S DRINK BEER! or or or…fill in your own rhyme). Surely, you are now bamboozled because of my brilliant creativity. You may roll about in your envy now.

Station #2 (toot toot): There has been an unusual amount of traffic on my blog from the United States, in particular. “Why is this odd?” you may query. The answer is this…the same blog post is being read repeatedly. Every day. No other posts. It is clear from some of the searches that the terms “blowing bubbles” has been key. Those words were in my title. Oddness. I am confusaled.

*if you are easily offended by the mention of sex and peremptory discussion thereof, don’t go to station #3. if you choose to read that further, and find yourself in a judgmental state of mind, don’t say i didn’t warn you. too bad for you. if you read that section, and are interested in a frank discussion of the topic, believe it or not, i am game. i think sex isn’t talked about enough in a manner that is open, healthy, respectful, honest and harmonious. i understand the immense challenge, however, we would be a significantly better society if we’d wake up and deal. on a personal level, i am very aware of this, so thusly, it is discussed.

Last Stop, Station #3 (drawn out and shrill train horn): Today was just another day of being a lovely lab rat. It was the most entertaining of the studies I have taken part in; I was paid to watch erotic movies. Of course, there were other mini films. Basically, the sequence, in short: 1. At home-fill out a 13 page questionnaire. 2. Arrive, get instructions, get rigged up with the “probe” and 1st position electrodes, fill out another much shorter questionnaire, watch film 1)nature clip+questionnaire 2) sex clip+questionnaire 3) horror clip+questionnaire 4)Get rigged up with different electrodes in different places. Repeat.Rip off electrodes (very mini ouch), take out probe, re-clad, get the moola, and vamoose.

I learned things. And felt things. Having studied psychology and being a generally human behavioral observer myself, I observed things. Much like I am prone to do. I automatically start to analyze, question, and absent myself from the situation, to a certain extent. For me, all very fascinating.

I would provide further detail, but I don’t wish for this to turn into academic erotica. I do enjoy this topic, and will continue on my quest to understand the power and presence of sexuality.

I will never give up on this topic, and am even more determined to get a healthy handle on things, whatever that might mean.

Time is running down here at the VPL libraire. I must clickity clackety away!!!




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Greetings Feline and Fellow Earthlings! In the interest in "brevity" I will attempt to summarize via lists. I AM, this is me, here we go, weee: writer, reader, lover of music, dance, theatre, animals, oddities, 2nd hand trolling through alleys and le boutigues of sally ann and value village, and the beautiful outdoorsy nature of my home. Big breath, leap #2: a veggie head, enviro eco freak, chocolateasaurus, transformer more than meets the eye, former ESL teacher, a happy auntie of Nicholas and Sam, my 2 sweetie pie nephews. Leap #3...welcome to me! Enough said, read my blog:)
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