Writers Conferencing Together

I was privileged enough to romp with some grand and gifted scribes this weekend.

Through the phlegm and nausea of my influenza, I managed to not only mentally frolic through the fields of knowledge and entertainment, but also had a splendiferous blue pencil edit with the most lovely of writers Jen Sookfong Lee. (pictured on the left..such a sweet photo of a truly sweet person). She was friendly and kind; her feedback was very useful and not in anyway hurtful. And her encouragement was appreciated. more than she could ever know.I am thrilled that she thought my poem was good enough to enter in a CBC Literary contest.

I have been going through what seems like a never-ending series of setbacks.

And to have this feeling again…my community is there. They are there for me, they are my family. Even people I’ve never met before. They are so willing to share their knowledge and passion. And they really get what it is to have calling you have to follow…

…even when many others scoff and diminish your writings as, “Just a hobby, impractical, you’ll never make any money at that, so, what’s the point?” “Get a real job!”

I’ve heard a lot of, “You have to live in the real world, Leanna.”

The last I checked, the real world contains novels, magazine articles, blogs, anthologies, essays, and on and on. Writing is in the world, it’s real, and so it’s rather absurd to suggest that it’s impossible to make any money or have success in other ways in the writerly realm. Writing isn’t going anywhere. And the audience isn’t going anywhere. People will keep reading. And writers will find their readers. It is possible for me too It’s a long and challenging quest and there certainly is no guarantee of any sort of cash cow, gold at the end of the rainbow…I may never make  much at all. But do, I must.

I leave you with a riddle:

How much positive feedback from great writers does it take

for Leanna to believe she’s a good writer?

The answer: ??? maybe 20, maybe 200, maybe 2000?

The answer:!!! 2 -me and 1 other reader who gets it

Because I am a writer 

I know that I can


My classmates, teachers, mentors

Have told me so

Esteemed writers and moderators

Have told me so

That not only do I write well

I perform them well




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Greetings Feline and Fellow Earthlings! In the interest in "brevity" I will attempt to summarize via lists. I AM, this is me, here we go, weee: writer, reader, lover of music, dance, theatre, animals, oddities, 2nd hand trolling through alleys and le boutigues of sally ann and value village, and the beautiful outdoorsy nature of my home. Big breath, leap #2: a veggie head, enviro eco freak, chocolateasaurus, transformer more than meets the eye, former ESL teacher, a happy auntie of Nicholas and Sam, my 2 sweetie pie nephews. Leap #3...welcome to me! Enough said, read my blog:)
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