It Ain’t Much but It’s Something aka Signing up to be an Honorariam Lab Rat

Take two…post re-posted.

Since I’ve been chronically out of work for 2 years, I turned back to an old, and infrequent friend for cash in my strapped times.

University research studies!

Yes, they’ve got glamour, action, adventure, and surveys.

You must swab things, and have electrodes hooked up to parts.

So far, I’m in the second screening for one on bipolar. I’m in the preliminary screening for a study on women’s sexual health, and have gotten in touch with a team for another study on women’s sexual health.

The first one is going to measure arousal. And here is what it entails.


The purpose of our study is to examine whether measurement of pelvic floor surface EMG activity responds to explicit sexual stimuli, and to measure how pelvic floor muscle responses correspond with self-reports of feeling sexually aroused. We will determine if the measurement is effective by looking at your EMG responses and comparing them to your questionnaire responses on sexual arousal

WHAT DOES THE STUDY INVOLVE?This study will take place at the UBC Sexual Health Laboratory at Vancouver Hospital. If you agree to take part in this study, the procedures and visits you can expect will include the following:

1. A physiological assessment of sexual arousal, where your vaginal, labial and anal EMG readings will be monitored during exposure to brief film clips in a private room
2. Completion of questionnaires during the session, including providing ratings of sexual arousal before and after viewing films
3. An honorarium of 40 dollars for participation
In other words, I’m getting paid to watch porn, get turned on and learn something? Hell’s yeah.
And, with the combined honorariums, I can pay my credit card bill this month.
And, I get to help advance science. What could be better?

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