Dear Conservative Dogmatics, Stop Riding Your High-horses on the “My Way or the Highway”

There has been much hullabaloo in the news and throughout Social Media on all manner of so-called “traditional values.”

I have started to write at least a dozen blog posts that I never got through writing because I got so worked up, and was ranting so incessantly that I had to put on the reins. I will get back to those. This is but a mere warm-up.

Question from the imaginary audience: What’s prompting you to insert this ‘quick’ post today?

Answer from moi: When I came out of my dr’s office, just off the property of the Children and Women’s hospital, there was a small group of elderly people with a placard sign and pamphlets. ‘Pray to End Abortion.’

I was, for some reason, caught off guard by these pleasant-looking white-haired people who looked as if they wished to speak with me. I was not in the mood to discuss/engage in the issue. I sighed wearily and warily at their sign, and sidled away. Sometimes it is absolutely necessary to engage. And other times, such as right now, I am too high-strung to be reasonable.

I am overwhelmed by the amount of press time this discussion is getting. I am frustrated by the complaints I hear from Christian friends about the liberal media, and how their voices are never heard. I am deeply troubled by this trend to turn back the hands of time.

I honestly feel like every time I look at the news, there is another attack on women’s reproductive rights and insane opinions about rape and domestic violence (eg. how a woman dresses invites rape, that a woman’s body will “naturally take care of that kind of situation” by rejecting impregnation when “legitimately” raped, that laws that protect women against violence ought to be reconsidered).

Pretty radical right-wing individuals, from politicians to celebrities to regular Adams and their ribs (aka ‘women’) alike are NOT having their opinions squelched. Their collective voices may not be getting the results they want now now now, but they certainly aren’t being silenced. I can hear  the loud shouting of both American and Canadian conservatives alike anytime I want…or maybe it’s just my imagination and we are really living in a totalitarian regime that actively oppresses well-off, white Christians.

I would like the shoe to go on the other foot for a minute. To anyone who believes they get to determine a woman’s right over her own body, I would like to challenge them to sit with a group of women and children who have actually experienced violence, and tell them face-to-face how they should feel and behave; how getting raped, pregnant, and/or beaten is somehow their fault and that they have no right to choose how to best take care of themselves and survive a horrifying situation. Even in situations where violence isn’t involved, I would like people to open their minds to the reality that the vast majority of women who have abortions do so under duress and don’t treat it flippantly. All of the people I know struggled with their choices. It is a traumatic decision, and one that many girls and women go through alone.

I would never wish this kind of trauma on anyone so that they would understand what it’s like to be in these situations, but until a person experiences it for themselves, I sincerely believe they don’t have a right to even throw their opinions wildly about in the public domain. I don’t care what someone believes, in all honesty. It’s fine if someone wishes to believe in God or Allah or Xenu.  It’s also fine if someone personally doesn’t feel abortion is the right thing for themselves, or even for others. It isn’t fine, however, when that belief, (and that is all it is, a ” give meaning to my life” story) trickles or spews out into the society at large determined to alter the course of ALL people’s decisions via the law.

II. Question to imaginary far right wing Christian audience: what if I were to decide upon my own religion and create a set of standards that were anti-Christian, in particular, since that is the dominant religious group in this culture?

Here it is. My new religion. Welcome to the Church of the Ladies of  Perpetual Leaping. In short, Leapies. In Our Church, we believe the world is over-populated and require that contraception is prescribed so as to prohibit the excessive growth of the human species. In particular, our mission is to curb the growth of the religious populations, as we believe it is fundamentally destructive to our society as a whole.

We believe it is our duty to monitor religious groups in particular, and it is soon going to be within our legal rights, praise be to Goddess, to fine and then imprison any family who procreates more than 2 children.

I am certain that my Church is correct in these proceedings. So Sayeth the Word of the Flying Goddess, and so too shall Her Word be spread upon this earth like wildfire, henceforth becoming the law of the land.

He/She who questions the fact of my faith and my church are, in a word, wrong.

Enjoy living life under the judgement of my opinions turned to doctrinal rule and law!

That is what oppression is…having your right to choose taken away from you by someone else who believes differently than you.

The end.

And now, I will get off MY high horse.

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