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Giant Blankets and Fiery Hot Heads

I must vent about a particular pet peeve; one thing that gets my goat and locks him up in a barn, bleating in an angry and lonely manner…overgeneralizing. I do it, you do it, we all do it at times, … Continue reading

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A Night of Joyful Noises:Megaphone throws its Biggest Fundraising BASH to Round Out the Year!!!!

I WOULD LIKE TO SINCERELY AND WARMLY AND VERY SUPER CORDIALLY INVITE YOU TO THIS FABULOUS EVENT! Tickets are $15..all of the money goes toward the vendor program! There will be fun music and a comedian, beer and other libations. … Continue reading

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Quality not Quantity: Shopping, Giving and Living Fair

As the ever popular season of wild and frenzied consumerism approaches (aka Christmas), I have been thinking heartily on my approach to gifting specifically, but also trading money for goods in general. Where does my money go? Much like when … Continue reading

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