It’s Muffin Madness, I Say (19 Down, 2 to Go)!

Food Alert 1: The original 21 days of food blogging are coming to a close 1 day before I leave for Saltspring to write my 3 day novel (I cannot say ACHHHH! enough times)! I have planned my food menu for the 5 days that I’ll be there, so there will be a pretty simple menu supporting my mental cogs grinding away.

This is not to suggest that I am not going to write about foodie progress, suggestions, trends and ethics, but it shall not be on a daily basis, unless I absolutely feel it’s necessary.

I may find this is not going to work for me, and feel the need to post updates to keep myself on track and accountable. We’ll see what the extended long weekend brings!

Food Alert 2: I have made some of my favorite yummy, healthier than most, muffins. It’s been a few months since I’ve baked anything, and I made a proper delicious mess of things, as is my hobby/habit. A terrific balance of the naughty and nice with chocolate easily countered with other wholesome ingredients like ground flax, pumpkin puree, and oat bran.

Food Alert 3.144444444: I have noticed transitions in myself over the course of nearly 3 weeks.

  • Increase in energy
  • Increased desire to make food from scratch
  • Ability to resist temptations without a sense of punishment
  • Increase in the quantity (smaller portions but more of them) and quality of food I’m eating
  • More comfortable when I look in the mirror (do not see giant whale staring back at me)
  • Weight loss
  • Increased desire to be active without feeling overly embarrassed about being overweight and out of shape

And more…that I just can’t think of right now:) 

I would love to ramble oh so prolifically as I am wont to do, but I must get back to planning the rest of my week.

I shall twirl about in my muffin madness and skip through cherry apricot sunsets tonight.

Eat Well, Be Well, Know Well, Do Well

About nala7299

Greetings Feline and Fellow Earthlings! In the interest in "brevity" I will attempt to summarize via lists. I AM, this is me, here we go, weee: writer, reader, lover of music, dance, theatre, animals, oddities, 2nd hand trolling through alleys and le boutigues of sally ann and value village, and the beautiful outdoorsy nature of my home. Big breath, leap #2: a veggie head, enviro eco freak, chocolateasaurus, transformer more than meets the eye, former ESL teacher, a happy auntie of Nicholas and Sam, my 2 sweetie pie nephews. Leap #3...welcome to me! Enough said, read my blog:)
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