Body Broadcast: Day 4

Current Conditions: Stormy due to a possible low front of caffeine combining with an unstable bean system moving southward

Short-Term Forecast: Unsettled conditions indefinitely; be prepared for a few days of nasty weather

Long-term Forecast: Look for a clearing of conditions by Friday,. It will be overcast until early afternoon, with rapidly increasing sun. Metabolic rates slowly improving

Recommendations: Mild meals with settling herbal tea to soothe. A gentle walk in the woods, followed by running by the end of the week. Preferably around a lake.

As can be illustrated above, there continues to be a gutteral revolt. I am thusly tossing my plans for another veggie chili dinner. I originally thought I would have it for lunch and something else entirely for dinner, but I decided to go with a simple sandwich after a few hours of angry gloopy gurgling (this is not to be confused with hunger; I am satisfied with the food I’ve eaten today, but I definitely don’t want much more than I’ve had thus far).

I am not complaining. This is necessary. I remember doing an actual cleanse with my former roommate Gwyneth. I can’t remember which one, but it was a cleanse in a box we got at Choice’s, I believe.

The menu was fairly restrictive; absolutely no processed anything. No sugar, no fruit, no no no. And holy mother of all that is unholy and then some…our bodies were PISSED OFF! And when I cheated and had not even half a mug (normal-sized) of hot chocolate, that was even worse. I may as well have jammed tongs down my throat, grabbed a hold of my intestines, and twisted. Not pleasant. We both felt sick for a few days; low energy, cranky, and our relationship with the one toilet in the house was bordering on a demented love triangle.

However, it passed and then we both felt perkier. So, this too shall cease. Sooner rather than later, I sincerely hope:)

Tip of the day: Kale Banana Smoothie with Almond Milk

This rather repulsive-looking creation happens to be one of my absolute favorite smoothies.  I was extremely skeptical  when first we met in the backyard of my old house on Cambie and 16th. We were introduced by my super health nut neighbor Thomas,  who, at the time, was dating my super health nut roommate Mary-Catherine.

Having had only 2 awful beverages in my life that included vegetables to drink (carrot juice in one of those big tin cans that you puncture on either side to open, and V8..blech), I wasn’t super open to consume this green concoction.

However, I decided I ought to give it a go for 2 reasons: 1. Thomas was very trustworthy and never steered me wrong 2. I pretty much disliked all vegetables growing up, by far preferring to consume meat, and here I was, a vegetarian who likes most vegetables (veg just tastes so much better when it’s fresh and hasn’t been boiled all to shit..yup, that was my mom for you. Very much in the habit of “resting her eyes” when food was on the stove).

I gave it a sip, then a swig and much to my surprise, it was instant love. Some of the most beautiful food can look kind of ugly.

From that point forth, this became my go to greens getter. As in, if I didn’t feel like cooking greens, didn’t want a salad, or wanted an extra boost of “greenergy” in the morning,I’d smoothie it up. It’s great if you have bananas about to go off too.

Prep is slightly more time intensive, obviously, than just banana smoothie, with berries, etc:

1. You will need to chop the kale before you put it in the blender. If you have the most amazing food processor or blender that you know will shred/chop/puree the hell out of the kale, pulverizing it into liquid, then go for it..throw it on in. Or if you don’t care about chewing on your smoothie, go ahead after shredding it by hand. I honestly don’t mind,myself. Otherwise, remove the stocks and chop as finely as you have the patience for.  I find that, depending on the size of blender and kale bunch, you can use all, if not most of the kale. Again, this is personal preference. Start small. Note: Don’t leave your kale more than a couple of days before you use it for a smoothie. If you do, it will start to get more bitter. At this point, you can add more sweetness to counter the taste, but generally, the fresher the better.

2. I use one banana per 1/2-1 full bunch of kale; riper bananas are best, in my opinion, as it gives that extra tiny bit of sweetness.

3. Add anywhere from 2-3 cups of almond milk. I used to use soy, but due to the estrogen content in soy, I eliminated it so I wouldn’t have such a high concentration in my diet. And now I like almond milk better. Note: I have never tried it with dairy. My feeling is it wouldn’t have the same consistency/smoothness and I don’t imagine it would taste as good. Almond, soy, rice, cow and goat’s milk are very different animals, so to speak.

4. The chop and then puree settings seem to do the trick for me. I leave it on puree for a few minutes, until the consistency looks fine to me.

Voila! Drink!!

I prefer mine chilled, so I use cold almond milk. I have also thrown in different fruit, such as apples, blueberries, strawberries. I still prefer this simple version the best:) At any rate, here is my day’s food in pictures, minus the 2 wassa crackers, because, well, they’re wassa crackers.

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